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Zoë Keating,
Into The Trees

It’s very difficult for me to pick just one song to talk about from cellist and SLC alumna Zoë Keating’s album Into the Trees (2010), but I decided on the track Don’t Worry for a couple of reasons. First of all, it has a great story behind it - Don’t Worry was born, I believe, when Zoë was performing on tour with Imogen Heap and all of her equipment failed. Having to quickly come up with something, Don’t Worry is what emerged from her cello.

So I was very glad to see it show up in a studio version on Zoë’s latest album, Into the Trees. It has some of her pop and rock influences in it (she played with the cello rock group Rasputina for a while), while still delving into that ethereal layering effect. Also make sure to listen to the percussive sounds she makes with her cello.

Zoë came to perform for a Music Tuesday in the Spring semester of 2011, which was truly delightful, not just because her music is absolutely fantastic, but because you got to see how she used her laptop to sample herself and create this vivid soundscape that can at times sound like there are 40 cellos playing at once.

We currently have two of Zoë’s CDs in the Music Library: Into the Trees and One Cello x16: Natoma, so check them both out. You can also hear her on a great episode of WNYC’s Radiolab called Quantum Cello, in which Zoë describes and plays examples of how she creates her music.

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